Starp SIA „SB” sadarbības partneriem ir tādi zīmoli kā Aquasystem, ATMOS, Caleffi, Chazelles, DL Radiators (bijušais DeLonghi), Dražice, Feinrohren, Frabo, Grundfos, Kermi, Protherm, SIME, Viessmann, Watts Wilo, u. c.

  • Why to choose us ?  

    "SB" Ltd from more than 28 years has proven itself to be  a competitive and successful partner in the sphere of heating systems in Latvia and Europe as well. 

  • ABOUT US  

    "SB" Ltd. is a stable company with 100%  Latvian capital and 26 years of experience in the field of heating and plumbing trade and installation.